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Custom Wood Orders
Let me first say that a great many custom orders of the best quality material can be filled by checking out my Private Stock Items or Luthier Items .You may also find something of interest on my Choice Select or Odds & End Page. We do not custom cut material parts for your private project. We only do the work as described in this site. That being said, I will continue with the purpose of this page.

Since every project is different from the next we all have to work within a framework of required material to complete the project and staying within a budget. It is only natural then that requesting availability and quotes for material and shipping is the prudent thing to do. However, there are some things that you must know when sending your custom request. I need to know exactly what you are requiring. Having that info available I would be happy to reply to your request. However, the only thing I can tell you by return email is whether I can fill your request or not and give you an estimated cost for the order. I cannot give you dollar amounts on shipping cost until your order is placed by providing the eight items of info listed below. After you place the order I will then research my inventory to fill the order and then email you a picture of the material and an invoice. Upon your acceptance we will charge your credit card or you may initiate PayPal payment.


Since we are working with rough lumber there is no such thing as just going to a rack, pulling the material and sending a quote. There are no two pieces of figured material that are the same and no two request are duplicated. Your order is a custom order and it requires considerable time to correctly fill to your specs. Request for figured lumber range from the very best of my Private Stock material to something considerably less. All request take a great amount of time to put together. Unless you send your request as an order with all the following info I cannot proceed with your request other than indicate whether I can fill it. The list of info that I need to proceed with your custom quote is listed below.
Required Info For Custom Quotes

  • Complete Shipping Address
  • Complete Billing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Correct Email Address
  • Complete Payment Info...Credit Card Numbers Only
  • Amount Of Board Footage Required
  • Minimum And Maximum Size Of Material That You Will Accept
  • Quality Of Figure You Want....Excellent, Very Good Or Good