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"The Curlymaple People"

Important Info About MapleLeaf Hardwoods
For over 50 years we've been offering superior custom selected kiln dried figured hardwoods such as curly maple, curly cherry, curly red oak, curly yellow birch, etc. to discriminating craftsman. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our wood, wood products and service and back all of our products with the confidence of a money back guarantee of customer satisfaction.
If you are like me, you only want the best material available when you are investing your time in a project. The wood is the least expensive component considering the time and the other additional expenses you have in your project. You can make a project only so good structurally and stylistically. When your project is completed only the quality and figure of the wood will make the difference between just a good project and an outstandingly great project.
We do not buy mill run material. All lumber is kiln dried and custom picked to insure quality material and the best of the figure. Over 98% of the material we sell is FAS grade, the best available. We do this to ensure customer satisfaction because no one wants a problem. I count myself very privileged to have seen so much natural beauty in my life time. Our commitment to you is very simple. It is to treat each customer like we would like to be treated when buying sight unseen lumber. We ensure customer satisfaction by providing you with the very best figured wood available based on what I have seen in my life time. This is all backed with a money back guarantee of satisfaction. Please read Terms of Sale before ordering any material.
As you visit this site you will see pictures of the rich lumbering history of the West Branch Susquehanna area taken from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century. It is in this area that my business is located and where most of my domestic lumber originates. It is hard to imagine the vastness of the lumber resources contained in this area or the very hard work and sacrifice of the loggers and their families that worked in the lumbering era. From time to time I will list some of the more interesting pictures of this era that show it's vast lumber resources, the many mills on and off the river and the men and women that worked to make this area the "lumber capital of the world" in 1860. I wish to thank The Lycoming County Historical Society of Williamsport, PA for giving me access to their pictorial archives from which most of the old logging pictures were taken. The museum's website is a valuable source of info for those who would like more information about this area's rich history.
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